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SignColors Build Status Codacy Badge

Repository of the SignColors plugin.

Development Builds

NOTE!: Development builds for SignColors can be found at the Jenkins server below. These builds may be unstable and may cause errors. Use them at your own risk! Link: https://ci.codehat.de/job/SignColors/


For /sc you can alternatively use /signcolors

  • /sc - Shows information about SignColors.
  • /sc help - Shows a list of commands.
  • /sc reload - Reloads the config.yml.
  • /sc givesign [player] [amount] - Give a player colored signs.
  • /sc colorcodes - Shows you a color/format codes list.
  • /sc upgrade - Upgrades the old database format from version 0.7.1 and earlier to the new database format of version 1.0.0 and later.


  • signcolors.* - Access to all features.
  • signcolors.color.[color/format] - Allows you to write with [color/format] on signs. For example singcolors.color.6 = GOLD
  • signcolors.colors - Allows you to write with all colors on signs.
  • signcolors.sign.create - Allows you to create a [SignColors] sign.
  • signcolors.sign.use - Allows you to use a [SignColors] sign.
  • signcolors.info - Allows you to see the SignColors info.
  • signcolors.help - Allows you to see the /sc help page.
  • signcolors.reload - Allows you to reload the config.yml.
  • signcolors.updatemsg - Shows you the update message, if an update is available.
  • signcolors.craftsign.bypass - Allows you to write colors on a normal sign, even if signcrafting is true.
  • signcolors.listcodes - Allows you to see the color/format codes list.
  • signcolors.givesign - Allows you to use the /sc givesign command.
  • signcolors.blockedfirstlines.bypass - Allows you to bypass the blocked first lines.
  • signcolors.upgrade - Allows you to execute the /sc upgrade command.

Add your own language

To add your own language, you can copy the EN.yml in the languages folder and name it like your language. For example GB.yml and change its content as you like. Then change the language key in the config.yml to your language file code. In the example above it would be GB.

Plugin at SpigotMC


Status for v1.2.0

  • Add a /sc migrate command, to migrate from MySQL to SQLite and vice versa.
  • Add a /sc dbstatus command, which shows current database size.

Make suggestions either here or at Spigot.


This project is licensed under GPLv3.