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nsporillo commented Oct 2, 2019

GlobalWarming works by taking the cumulative carbon scores on a per world basis and translating that into a temperature based on the configurable models files.

Right now we support a /gw debug temp <value> command which will manually override the worlds temperature by calculating the score that the desired temperature matches to and setting the worlds score in the database. However, we t

DrakePork commented Jan 30, 2020

Some suggestions to placeholders:

  • A placeholder to show Player Caused Deaths
  • A placeholder to show Mob K/D
  • A placeholder to show Mob Caused Deaths
  • A placeholder to show recent player kills (ex: player_recent_kill_<1-10>)
  • A placeholder to show recent deaths (ex: player_recent_death_<1-10>)

A list of all available placeholders on the github wiki.

bob7l commented Apr 18, 2020

The email feature is very cool, but sadly lacks the ability to unregister these emails, even through API.

This is very problematic because it means the user cannot ever sell the account or transfer ownership after registering an email.

Another issue is they can't ever remove an unwanted email when they add more then one.

SecretlyJealous commented May 14, 2021

Server Implementation


Server Version


Describe the bug

When using /brush inspect on a set operation (in this example 475 blocks flat on the ground) everything is working correctly and by clicking on the text it will bring up information about the edit:
![2021-05-14_16 39 14](

sandtechnology commented Apr 15, 2021

Taken from @ ThiagoROX which in discord
I don't think that command would be a good way, I believe it would be better when the option is enabled, the plugin will perform the check when it is initialized (server initialization) and remove the stores, so we wouldn't have a performance problem and so on...

  # Should it be enabled?
  enabled: false
  # How many days should

一个专注于优化我的世界服务端性能、减少延迟、修复服务端/其他常用插件BUG、限制或禁用破坏多人游戏平衡的游戏机制的插件(A plugin that focuses on optimizing minecraft server performance, reducing server lag, fix server and popular plugin bug, limiting or disabling the game mechanism that hurt multiplayer balances.)

  • Updated Apr 17, 2018
  • Java

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