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Documentation for Pixura NFT APIs
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Pixura Inc Logo

The toolkit for building NFT applications and dapps that focuses on

  • Tokenization
  • Exchange
  • Search


We are actively building out the platform tools Join the conversation to contribute

Getting started

Checkout our getting started guide for an overview of the platform and how to get started building NFT applications.

Issuing tokens

Take a look at this example for deploying a contract and this one for issuing tokens.

Building a marketplace

There is a peer 2 peer marketplace for exchanging and trading NFTs deployed here. Currently all orders and prices are stored onchain. The next iteration of the marketplace will include infrastructure for offchain orders.

Querying specific NFT smart contract data

You can run queries over indexed smart contracts with simple GraphQL queries. Try out the interactive GraphQL API here.

Searching NFT metadata

Users can search through NFT metadata with Elasticsearch. We have a sample react component that shows you how the API works.

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