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abcoathup commented Oct 15, 2020

🧐 Motivation
Create simple ERC20 and ERC777 presets with fixed supply.
The benefits are:

  • Easy to deploy (including from Remix).
  • No access control (for minting/pausing), and hence no governance required.
  • Can be verified easily on public networks and then are verified for all.

📝 Details

Community members are creating their own simple ERC20 tokens, so it would be good if they

maxnth commented Jan 14, 2021

Maybe this is caused by me not being a native speaker but the following sentence in the README under the section Configure seems to be mixed up a bit.

You can configure your node's behavior by setting environment variables which can be, along with default values that get used if no corresponding environment variable is found.

montyly commented Nov 10, 2020

One issue with our current parsing pytest is that it is not robust against new version of solc for the xfail tests. For example, these tests are not working with 0.7.1 and 0.7.2:

And was not updated when 0.7.3/0.7.4 were released. So the tests fail, while the script should have exp

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