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This repository contains samples that show how to use Azure PlayFab Multiplayer Servers Gameserver SDK (GSDK) as well as additional resources.

Wrapping GSDK

You could try GSDK without modifying your game server (even though we don't recommend it for production deployments). This sample also contains a sample fake game server you can try in order to familiarize with the Multiplayer Servers service. You can find instructions here.


This is a simple .NET Core console app that lets you easily see your MPS Builds/Game Servers/VMs plus allocate a game server (uses the RequestMultiplayerServer API call). More information here.


Unity Server and Client sample that utilize the GameServer SDK.

More information here.


Unreal Server and Client sample that utilize the GameServer SDK which is integrated through an Unreal plugin.

More information here.


This sample wraps the open source OpenArena game using a .NET Core app and Linux containers.

More information here.

Debugging Docker containers

MPS service uses Docker containers to schedule game servers. You can see some advanced debugging/diagnosing instructions here.

Matchmake Sample

The Matchmake sample logs in a configurable number of clients and attempts to matchmake them together, following the steps described in the Single user ticket matchmaking sample.


Simple executable that integrates with PlayFab's Gameserver SDK (GSDK). It starts an http server that will respond to GET requests with a json file containing whatever configuration values it read from the GSDK. More information here.

Community samples

Here you can find a list of samples and utilities created and supported by our community. Let us know if you have created a sample yourself and would like to have it mentioned here.


MPS team has published a series of videos in the past, check them on our videos page.


If you have any questions, feel free to engage in the repo's discussions here or find us in Discord here