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PoC Consortium

Proof of Capacity Development

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  1. burstcoin Public archive

    Forked from burst-team/burstcoin

    BRS - Burst Reference Software written in Java

    Java 235 87

  2. A fast Burstcoin miner written in Rust

    Rust 104 66

  3. engraver Public

    PoCC Burstcoin Reference Plotter

    Rust 65 41

  4. Qbundle Public archive

    Windows Wrapper / Launcher for the BRS wallet and other burst tools

    Visual Basic 61 37

  5. Nogrod Public

    The all-new PoCC pool software; "Fortunes are mined here"

    TSQL 45 33

  6. Burstcoin mobile wallet for Android and iOS

    TypeScript 22 20



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