Burstcoin Capability Improvement Proposals
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People willing to submit CIPs should visit https://burstwiki.org/wiki/CIP and follow the predefined workflow. After discussion on the Burst Discord Server, please open a PR. After copy-editing and acceptance, it will be published here.

Having a CIP listed here doesn't guarantee it is an accepted standard until its status becomes Final or Active.

Burstcoin Capability Improvement Proposals

Number Layer Title Owner Type Status
1 Applications Dynamic BRS Node Capabilities @rico666 Informational Pending
2 Consensus (hard fork) Quadruple Block Size @rico666 Standard Active
3 Consensus (hard fork) Variable Slot-based Fees @rico666 Standard Active
4 Consensus (hard fork) Multi-Out Transactions @rico666 Standard Active
5 Consensus (hard fork) POC 2 @Quibus Standard Active
6 Enhancement Unconfirmed Tx Queue Optimizations @Brabantian Standard Active
7 Enhancement Differential Unconfirmed Tx Propagation @Brabantian Standard Active
8 Informal Define Tx and Balance "Dust" @rico666 Standard Draft
9 Consensus (hard fork) To-All Transactions @rico666 Standard Draft
10 Consensus (hard fork) Anchor Real-World Data in Blockchain @rico666 Standard Draft
11 Consensus (hard fork) Tethered Assets @rico666 Standard Draft
12 Enhancement BFS - Burst File System @JohnnyDeluxe Standard Draft
13 Enhancement Suggested Transaction Fees @Brabantian Standard Active
14 Enhancement Burst Actions through Deeplink QR-codes @Brabantian Standard Active
15 Consensus (hard fork) RWFDS-enabled FEE_QUANT Introspection and Adjustment @Frank72 Standard Draft
16 Enhancement PoC2.X16 - A New Optimized Plot File Format @JohnnyFFM Standard Draft
17 Enhancement Differential UT Propagation in push & pull @Brabantian Standard Active