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@rico666 rico666 released this Jan 3, 2019

Final enhancement release on top of BRS 2.2.6

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Enhancements: (@Brabantian)

  • fat block forging for specific situations (emergency/spam, sponsored mass-airdrops) Wallet has a 400 block TTL (time-to-live) in this mode
  • will talk only to 2.2.6 or later - only these versions provide a full-scale spam protection in both (push & pull) UT transfer modes (CIP17). Please get rid of pre-2.2.6 versions which can be abused for spam reflection attacks.
  • clean peer from peers list if it cannot be fed UTs (peer probably went offline). Keeps up a healthy peers list. (@rico666)


  • Reward recipient assignment in UI should work now (fix-fix from blankey1337)
  • Test API "This request is only accepted using POST!" Fix (@Brabantian)

Well, that's it folks! Enjoy!

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@rico666 rico666 released this Dec 8, 2018 · 4 commits to 2.2 since this release

Enhancement release on top of BRS 2.2.5

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Major Enhancement/Fix:

  • Implementing CIP17: Differential UT Propagation for push & pull (@Brabantian )

Enhancements - new versions:

  • mariadb connector (2.2.3 -> 2.3.0)
  • hikaricp (2.7.8 -> 3.2.0)
  • jacoco (0.7.9 -> 0.8.2)
  • jooq (3.10.5 -> 3.11.7)
  • mockito (2.15.0 -> 2.23.4)
  • minor updates: H2, JNA, Kryo, hsqldb
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@rico666 rico666 released this Nov 18, 2018 · 35 commits to 2.2 since this release

Maintenance release on top of BRS 2.2.4

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Anti-Reflection Patch (@ac0v )
Revert UTStore size


new jetty version 9.4.14

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@rico666 rico666 released this Oct 25, 2018 · 37 commits to 2.2 since this release

Maintenance release on top of BRS 2.2.3

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  • Security fix (JS injection) (@rico666)


  • increasing size of UTStore 4-fold (@rico666)
  • getBlocksFromHeight P2P extension #411 (@Quibus-burst)
  • several UI enhancements and fixes (Almurik)
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@rico666 rico666 released this Sep 17, 2018 · 39 commits to 2.2 since this release

Maintenance release on top of BRS 2.2.2

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  • UPnP fixed once again (Heos), number of public nodes should grow again
  • fixes to rare race conditions in UT handling (Brabantian)
  • adding forgotten /lib directory for ARMv7 hosts (rico666)


  • DeepQR CIP14 - special thanks to Almurik (UI), Brabantian (specs & backend), Nixops (specs)
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@rico666 rico666 released this Jul 25, 2018 · 40 commits to 2.2 since this release

Multiple stability patches on top of BRS 2.2.1

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  • getOrderedATs was broken - did not honor the account latest flag and so the result contained duplicate data
  • ATs (eg. Crowdfund) mixed with other appendages breaks the sync
  • an issue, which is already fixed in nxt kills our leading/trailing newlines for eg. crowdfund, but also many more items -> mrv777/NXT@f3b2038


  • FeeSuggestion
  • CIP6
  • CIP7
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@rico666 rico666 released this May 30, 2018 · 48 commits to 2.2 since this release

First PoCC-initiated hard fork release, patchlevel 1. This wallet will hard fork at block height 500 000 with the following features:

  • up to 4 times larger block size
  • dynamic fees
  • Multi-Out payments

From block height 502 000 on the wallet will also switch to PoC2 nonce validation.

After the hard fork, the effective transaction capacity of this wallet will be up to 80 times that of the previous 2.0 version.

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  • UPnP does not close ports anymore, our network of public nodes should grow again
  • problems in blacklisting peers should be gone
  • stability - no single BRS 2.2.1 halted unexpectedly in our tests
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May 30, 2018
fixed release tag
May 13, 2018


readded a reasonable default for the sendToLimit as mentioned by Antigo

@rico666 rico666 released this Apr 9, 2018

This release is the foundation of the future Burst. It offers better performance, stability and security compared to any release so far. It has some nice features like UPnP, JOOQ (for any database backend - via DB manager), snappier UI, improved market etc.

We also cut some things away to keep it slim (DB dumps really better than Quicksync) and slick.

Notable changes to 2.0.3 are:

  • bugfixes in solo mining capability
  • async/sync repairs for frontend (due to new jQuery)
  • mariaDB/H2 bootstrap handling in (Unix)
  • DB robustness (ensuring InnoDB)

sha256sum bf9b701f7a6d3ba111ebc060596c18aac61bfab501b9f59b08153115bfcf0d82

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