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Pokemon Go Enhanced


We host our frontend separately at Pokemongo-Frontend. While the backend can live perfectly well on its own, go check it out for even more functionality and super juicy screenshots!

The Dream

It's really simple in essence. We're making Pokemon Go more awesome by giving an edge over others (face it, that's why most are here) but still making it fun to play by actually going out there. We're augmenting the experience.

All you have to do is start up the proxy and connect to it, everything works magically and you decide what to do next. You can go out there in the field and use the game-enhancing features from within your app, or connect to the freshly started webserver to investigate your pokemons, bulk transfer or evolve those pidgeys, you name it. We hand you the tools, you decide.

This repository contains a single-deploy suite of nifty little things that together will make up Pokemon Go Enhanced. What follows is a little overview of features.


  • Fix pokemon radar distance (1-3 paw prints)
  • Pokeballs always hit perfect shots
  • Auto-interacting with Pokestops in range
  • Auto-release pokemons (based on UI-customizable rules)
  • Bulk transfer pokemon through UI (WIP)
  • Bulk evolve pokemon (WIP)
  • Extended visibility within the app
  • Web-based UI to configure everything listed here. Hosted on a per-person basis.
  • UI includes a map of all nearby pokemon
  • In-app clues to nearby pokemons


  • Auto-dodge attacks
  • Auto-catch everything within range
  • UI allows walking to/fixing a location e.g. by tapping a location
  • Auto-occupy empty gyms

As you should see from these lists, the goal is to augment the Pokemon Go experience but still keeping it an experience. The player will get to decide in how far she wants to cheat.

How: The Tech

Woah so how will we accomplish all of these magnificent things? We've got it all figured out right here, just need to implement it. The proof of concept will exist of:




➜ git clone git@github.com:rubenvereecken/PokemonGo-Enhanced.git
➜ cd PokemonGo-Enhanced
➜ npm install

Now, you'll need to generate an SSL certificate that your phone trusts. Right now this is done by starting the server once, we'll make this easier though.

Just start the server and kill it using Ctrl+C

➜ npm run dev
[+++] PokemonGo MITM Proxy listening on 8080
[!] Make sure to have the CA cert .http-mitm-proxy/certs/ca.pem installed on your device

Do as it says, copy the certificate to your phone and install it. If you don't know how, follow instructions at https://support.google.com/nexus/answer/2844832


Customize it using environmental variables:

EXPRESS_PORT=3030 PROXY_PORT=3031 npm start


Hack and slash with npm run dev


Note that this repository contains only the backend. If you want the UI for development, go check out Enhanced-Frontend.

We'll make this easier with a release build as soon as we reach MVP.


Where do you come in you ask? Well we would love your help!

Join us on Slack (invite) in the channel #enhanced to have a chat on what part of the project you'd love to help with. Everyone's welcome: from web dev to TCP sleuth. We even have this designer guy hanging around.

More info at the wiki!