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Few words from author:

This wiki is mainly based on experience from my professional years. Everything what is written here I had to first learn by my self and then I tried to described it simple as possible. I believe that you only understand technology after you can explain it to small child or someone from totally different field.

My origins come from web-development where I gain a lot of experience with dynamic languages as JavaScript, PHP and Python. From this years I like to make analogy between web development and Java World because a lot of practices are similar or already exists only under different name.

For example, in web development you have browser which is great analogy to Java Virtual Machine. It's some emulated world which should in theory work same but many vendors/companies modify it for their purpose. Remember browser wars where fight IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It's similar to Java Ecosystem, where fight GlassFish, Wildfly, Spring and J2EE.

To make some sense from that web community agrees on some standards which everyone uses - World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In Java it is exactly same only name of the community is Java Community Process or Eclipse Foundation.

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