This is a utils library for help in daily development
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Android Utils Library (Java And Kotlin)

This is the library I have developed as Utility functions in Java, and started as Mix and match of Utility functions + Extension functions in Kotlin. Traditionally develoed in Java, now entirely being developed in Kotlin.



  • Originally started as fork of Kaffiene thus inheriting it's code and updating as kotlin evolves.

  • Also taken some code and inspiration from Anko.

  • Bundles: Putting data with Pair, Extracting the bundle for debug

  • Context: All functions from Java library, added accessing resources (Compat version) and system service (With cast) as extension function

  • Drawables: Applying tinting as Extension functions = Some extension functions for fragments = Intent: Having refied extension functions for creating intents and accessing default intents.

  • Preference: Higher order function to write preferences.

And a lot more....

How to use

  • Maven Repository (JitPack will always be available, JCenter is available from 0.5).

  • Gradle credentials

    implementation 'com.creativeelites:kutils:{latest_version}@aar'

For latest version see below.

Latest Version


View Changelog

Future Upgrades

There are lot to be done in this area, version 0.5 is just starting of these things.

My plans for improvements are

  • Update documentations.
  • Use kotlin capability at its full. Some methods can be improved.
  • Use typealiases
  • Use kutils in Java, and retire devUtils forever.
  • New extension libraries for Design Support libraries
  • Android Architecture components support.

All these are being planned for version 1.0. Thanks