An Elixir-based ActiveJob Compatible Queueing Library
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ActiveJorb CircleCI

An Active Job compatible queueing interface. This library will allow you to enqueue jobs on your existing Active Job compatible backend. This is particularly useful if you're strangling your existing Rails project to death.

The intention is to fully support any and all backends that Active Job supports. Pull requests are much appreciated.


def deps do
    {:active_jorb, "~> 0.1.0"}

Supported Backends

Backend Supported? Add to mix.exs Link
Sidekiq Yes {:sidewalk, "~> 0.3.4}
Resque No (#6)
Que No (#4)
Queue Classic No (#5)
Backburner No (#3)
Sneakers No (#7)


After installing the dependency for your required backend, it's recommended that you proxy access to the supported queue adapter in your application:

# config/dev.exs
config :my_application, MyApplication,
  job_queue_adapter: ActiveJorb.QueueAdapter.Sidekiq

# config/test.exs
config :my_application, MyApplication,
  job_queue_adapter: ActiveJorb.QueueAdapter.Test

# lib/my_application/job_queue.ex
defmodule MyApplication.JobQueue do
  @queue_adapter Application.get_env(:my_application, :job_queue_adapter)

  defdelegate enqueue(job), to: @queue_adapter
  defdelegate enqueue_at(job), to: @queue_adapter

To enqueue a job you must first construct an %ActiveJorb.Job{}, and then pass it to the enqueue method of choice:

iex> job = %ActiveJorb.Job{job_class: "MyJob", arguments: [1, 2, 3]}
iex> MyApplication.JobQueue.enqueue(job)
{:ok, "some-job-id"}

iex> ts = ~N[2019-01-01 12:30:00]
iex> MyApplication.JobQueue.enqueue_at(job, ts)
{:ok, "some-other-job-id"}


See ActiveJorb.QueueAdapters.Test.

Prior Art, Credit, and Thanks

  • All of the maintainers of Active Job
  • The various authors of any supported backend
  • The various authors of any Elixir library supporting those backends