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Pretius Nested Reports

Oracle APEX dynamic action plugin v2.0.2 The plugin is dynamic action plugin implementing nested reports within APEX Classic Reports, Interactive Reports and static HTML tables. Scope of data, data appearance and behavior is customizable with the plugin attributes.

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Features at Glance

  • Compatible with Classic report, Interactive report and any HTML based table
  • Nested report is defined as SQL query
  • Nested report data can be limited with value from parent report
  • Nesting levels is unlimited
  • Data can be rendered with default template (table based) or with custom template (Mustache library)
  • Default callback and Default template can be highly customized


  • "No data found" attribute should be translatable
  • Default template:
    • filtering data via columns
    • sorting data via columns (db side)
    • number of rows
  • Plugin events on collapsing and expanding row (default callback)
  • Support for Interactive report
  • More attributes to customize


Installation package

  1. src/PRETIUS_APEX_NESTED_REPORTS.sql - the plugin package specification
  2. src/PRETIUS_APEX_NESTED_REPORTS.plb - the plugin package body
  3. src/dynamic_action_plugin_pretius_apex_nested_reports.sql - the plugin installation files for Oracle APEX 5.1 or higher

Installation procedure

To successfully install/update the plugin follow those steps:

  1. Install package PRETIUS_APEX_NESTED_REPORTS in Oracle APEX Schema owner (ie. via SQL Workshop)
  2. Install the plugin file dynamic_action_plugin_pretius_apex_nested_reports.sql using Oracle APEX plugin import wizard
  3. Configure application level componenets of the plugin

Usage guide & Demo application

Basic usage

Example nested report is based on emp and dept table.

  1. Create new application
  2. Create new page
  3. Create Classic Report based on SQL query *
  4. Create derivied column and configure it as follows:
    1. Change derivied column Type to Link
    2. Set Target to URL
    3. Set URL to javascript: void(0); and click OK
    4. Set Link Text to <span class="fa fa-search"></span><span class="DEPTNO" style="display: none">#DEPTNO#</span>
    5. Set Link Attributes to class="dept"
  5. Create new dynamic action and configure it as follows:
    1. Set Event to Click
    2. Set Selection Type to jQuery Selector
    3. Set jQuery Selector to .dept
    4. Set Event Scope to Dynamic
    5. Set Static Container (jQuery Selector) to body
  6. Create true action and configure it as follows:
    1. Set Action to Pretius Nested Reports [Plug-In]
    2. Set Details query to **
    3. Set Affected Elements > Selection Type to Region
    4. Set Affected Elements > Region to Classic Report defined in step 3.
    5. (Not required) Adjust the plugin behaviour up to your needs using the plugin attributes
  7. Save and run page

* SQL Query for step 3

select * from dept

** SQL Query for step 6.ii

select * from emp where deptno = '#DEPTNO#'

Demo application

Check different plugin configurations and use cases in our Live Demo

Free support

Pretius provides free support for the plugins at the GitHub platform. We monitor raised issues, prepare fixes, and answer your questions. However, please note that we deliver the plug-ins free of charge, and therefore we will not always be able to help you immediately.

Interested in better support?

Bug reporting and change requests

Have you found a bug or have an idea of additional features that the plugin could cover? Firstly, please check the Roadmap and Known issues sections. If your case is not on the lists, please open an issue on a GitHub page following these rules:

  • issue should contain login credentials to the application at where the problem is reproduced;
  • issue should include steps to reproduce the case in the demo application;
  • issue should contain description about its nature.

Implementation issues

If you encounter a problem during the plug-in implementation, please check out our demo application. We do our best to describe each possible use case precisely. If you can not find a solution or your problem is different, contact us:

Become a contributor!

We consider our plugins as genuine open source products, and we encourage you to become a contributor. Help us improve plugins by fixing bugs and developing extra features. Comment one of the opened issues or register a new one, to let others know what you are working on. When you finish, create a new pull request. We will review your code and add the changes to the repository.

By contributing to this repository, you help to build a strong APEX community. We will prioritize any issues raised by you in this and any other plugins.

Comercial support

We are happy to share our experience for free, but we also realize that sometimes response time, quick implementation, SLA, and instant release for the latest version are crucial. That’s why if you need extended support for our plug-ins, please contact us at We offer:

  • enterprise-level assistance;
  • support in plug-ins implementation and utilization;
  • dedicated contact channel to our developers;
  • SLA at the level your organization require;
  • priority update to next APEX releases and features listed in the roadmap.



  • PL/SQL fix to multiple columns value placeholders by @darshanputtaswamy #16
  • PL/SQL fix to ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error by @rimblas #7
  • JS jQuery size method removed in favor for length property - compatibility for APEX 18+

2.0.0 / 2.0.1

  • JS Highlighting nested reports no longer embeds CSS rules within DOM as <style></style> tag
  • JS Default callback supports special events that can be triggered using anchor with special classes (refresh, expand all, collapse, collapse all)
  • JS The plugin triggers event on collapsing and expanding nested report
  • JS The plugin can be bound with "dialog close" event to refresh nested report after closing modal page
  • JS The plugin no longer supports TR tag as triggering element
  • JS HTML within nested report is fully supported
  • JS Nested report can be bound to any HTML table (the plugin is not limited to Classic or Interactive Report)
  • PL/SQL "#COLUMN_VALUE#" marker should be surrounded with apostrophes to avoid APEX query compilation error. When value is number, apostrophes are removed by the plugin automatically.
  • PL/SQL Nested report uses DBMS_SQL.BIND_VARIABLES to bind values from GUI (APEX items included)
  • PL/SQL The plugin supports special column aliases in nested report to create headings without content or font-awesome icon as heading
  • PL/SQL The plugin supports SQL comments within nested report query
  • Plugin Interactive Report is supported
  • Plugin The plugin no longer checks compatibility between nested report and parent report. Setting the plugin is easier and only requires existing span tag with proper class and value marker
  • Plugin The plugin supports embedding nested report within nested reports (the number of nested reports is not limited by the plugin)
  • Plugin The plugin configuration errors are now displayed as nested report with error and hint (not only in console)
  • Plugin The plugin javascript and PL/SQL code was written from very beginning.
  • Plugin attributes New styles of "Default callback" loading indicator (align to report, align to cell, embed in cell, replace cell content).
  • Plugin attributes Data rendered in "Default template" can be sorted by end-user. Javascript sorting function uses column type (varchar2 or number)
  • Plugin attributes New plugin attribute for extending "Default template" HTML with preceding and following HTML.
  • Plugin attributes Default template supports stretching
  • Plugin attributes Animation duration for expanding and collapsing nested report can be specified in „Plugin component settings”


  • Initial release

Known issues

  • Column alias can't contain period - #13

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