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Hood-Price Lab for Systems Biomedicine

The Hood-Price Lab at the Institute for Systems Biology is integrating biology, technology and computational science to enable a P4 approach to Medicine.

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  1. snapr Public

    SNAPR: a bioinformatics pipeline for efficient and accurate RNA-seq alignment and analysis

    C++ 26 6

  2. ** Blood metabolome predicts gut microbiome α-diversity in humans**

    Jupyter Notebook 22 5

  3. A python package for Probanno!

    Python 8 3

  4. Aging Microbiome paper Wilmanski et. al.

    6 4

  5. The meme suite's fimo (find motif) as a microservice, written in python, with R and python clients

    HTML 5 1

  6. igvR Public

    Genome track visualization in your web browser, from R - a Bioconductor package

    JavaScript 4 1


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