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Deprecated package : this library is a simple example of pathfinding and works well for the simple cases, you can study its code. However if you need something more robust, we advise to use instead

A library to help your mineflayer bot navigate around the 3D world using the A* algorithm.


YouTube Demo


const mineflayer = require('mineflayer');
const navigatePlugin = require('mineflayer-navigate')(mineflayer);
const bot = mineflayer.createBot({ username: 'Player' });
// install the plugin
// optional configuration
bot.navigate.blocksToAvoid[132] = true; // avoid tripwire
bot.navigate.blocksToAvoid[59] = false; // ok to trample crops
bot.navigate.on('pathFound', function (path) {"found path. I can get there in " + path.length + " moves.");
bot.navigate.on('cannotFind', function (closestPath) {"unable to find path. getting as close as possible");
bot.navigate.on('arrived', function () {"I have arrived");
bot.navigate.on('interrupted', function() {"stopping");
bot.on('chat', function(username, message) {
  // navigate to whoever talks
  if (username === bot.username) return;
  const target = bot.players[username].entity;
  if (message === 'come') {;
  } else if (message === 'stop') {

Documentation, options)

Finds a path to the specified location and goes there.

  • point - the block you want your feet to be standing on
  • options - See bot.navigate.findPathSync

event "pathPartFound" (path)

Emitted from bot.navigate when a partial path is found. path is an array of nodes.

event "pathFound" (path)

Emitted from bot.navigate when a complete path is found. path is an array of nodes.

event "cannotFind" (closestPoint)

Emitted when a path cannot be found.

  • closestPoint - a vec3 instance - the closest point that you could navigate to.

event "arrived"

Emitted when the destination is reached.

event "stop"

Emitted when navigation has been aborted.


Aborts an in progress navigation job.

bot.navigate.findPathSync(end, [options])

Finds a path to end. Can be used to see if it is possible to navigate to a particular point.

Returns an object that looks like:

  status: 'success', // one of ['success', 'noPath', 'timeout', 'tooFar']
  path: [startPoint, point1, point2, ..., endPoint],

The value of status has several meanings:

  • success - path is an array of points that can be passed to walk().
  • noPath - there is no path to end. Try a larger endRadius. path is the path to the closest reachable point to end.
  • timeout - no path could be found in the allotted time. Try a larger endRadius or timeout. path is the path to the closest reachable point to end that could be found in the allotted time.
  • tooFar - end is too far away, so path contains the path to walk 100 meters in the general direction of end.


  • end - the block you want your feet to be standing on
  • options - optional parameters which come with sensible defaults
    • isEnd - function(node) - passed on to the A* library. node.point is a vec3 instance.
    • endRadius - used for default isEnd. Effectively defaults to 0.
    • timeout - passed on to the A* library. Default 10 seconds.
    • tooFarThreshold - if end is greater than tooFarThreshold, this function will search instead for a path to walk 100 meters in the general direction of end.

bot.navigate.walk(path, [callback])

Note: does not emit events

Walks the bot along the path and calls the callback function when it has arrived.

Call bot.navigate.stop() to interrupt walking.

  • path - array of points to be navigated.
  • callback(stopReason) - (optional) - called when the bot has arrived. stopReason can be: ['obstructed', 'arrived', 'interrupted']



  • depends on vec3 directly


  • don't emit arrived twice. (thanks Benjamin Grosse)


  • walk: detect being obstructed and call callback with 'obstructed' stopReason when it happens.


  • walk: callback is still called if bot.navigate.stop() is called elsewhere. Also it now has a stopReason argument.


  • fix default endRadius too low (thanks vogonistic)


  • recommended API is now callback based (thanks vogonistic)
  • add bot.navigate.findPathSync(end, [options])
  • add bot.navigate.walk(path, [callblack])


  • add 'interrupted' event


  • fix bot looking at its feet while walking
  • possible speed improvement by using native array methods
  • cannotFind event now has closestPoint parameter, the closest point it could get to
  • bot.navigate.blocksToAvoid is a map of block id to boolean value which tells whether to avoid the block. comes with sensible defaults like avoiding fire and crops.


  • fix pathfinding very far away


mineflayer plugin which gives bots a high level 3d navigating API using A*



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