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Demonstration web apps for web development courses at Lane Community College
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Demo ASP.NET apps for CS95N at LCC

Note: All these apps are in one repository, so you will need to download or clone the whole repository even if you only want code for one app.


ASP.NET Razor Page apps

  • WebPages3Tutorial - This is an updated (translated) version of an older tutorial for ASP.NET Web Pages 3, [Introduction to ASP.NET Web Programming Using the Razor Syntax] (

  • MathQuiz, 5 projects:

    • MathQuiz: A very basic web app that uses minimal Razor Pages features.
      • It does have a code-behind (.cshtmlcs) page.
      • Uses hidden form fields to store the numbers being added so they won't be lost when the submit button on the form is clicked to do an HTTP POST
    • MathQuiz2: An improved version of this web app
      • Uses _Viewimports and _Layouts pages demonstrating how imports and common layout features can be shared by all pages
      • Uses the ASP.NET Session object to store the numbers used in the question so they are saved before doing an HTTP POST
    • MathQuiz3: Refactored the code-behind and moved all the logic code for the math quiz to a separate class, MathQuiz
      • In OnGet, an instance of MathQuiz is instantiated using a constructor that generates random numbers. In the code-behind the numbers are stored in the Session object
      • In OnPost, an instance of MathQuiz is instantiated using a parameterized constructor that takes the numbers that were stored in the Session object as arguments.
    • MathQuiz4: Uses Tag Helpers and model binding * The model properties are simplified because the properties in MathQuiz are now directly used as the code-behind model properties * In OnPost, the Answer fileld value is automatically transferred to MathQuiz.Answer
    • MathQuiz.Tests: Unit tests for the MathQuiz class in MathQuiz4
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: The classic game

    • Loads images when squares are clicked
    • Game state is saved in the Session object
    • HTML buttons have name and value attributes that determine arguments sent to the OnPost method
    • Has game-play logic in a separate class
    • Has unit tests
  • RomanNumerals - Demonstrates the use of async / await. Three Projects:

    • RomanConversion - library (dll) project containing the logic code to convert Roman numerals to Decimal digits and vice-versa
    • RomanConversion.Test - unit tests
    • RomanNumerals - Razor Pages app that uses the RomanConversion project.
    • Uses the asp-page-handler tag helper and named handlers
  • AsyncDemo - Demonstrates the use of async / await. Two Projects:

    • AsyncDemo.Console - main calls an async method with a time dely in it
    • AsyncDemo.Razor - has a link with an OnGetAsync handler that runs three async methods in parallel

    ASP.NET Web API app

  • WebApiMovie - Demonstrates a Web API and Client. Two Projects:

    • AsyncDemo.Mac - Uses a SQLite database
    • AsyncDemo.Win - Uses SQL Express LocalDB
    • The wwwroot folder contains a web client for the web service.

    Both projects present a REST/JSON Web API for managing a database of movie data. These are the endpoints (HTTP Verb, URL)

    • GET, baseURL/api/movie - returns an array of movie objects
    • GET, baseURL/api/movie/id - returns a movie object with the give id (an integer)
    • POST, baseURL/api/movie - adds a movie to the database
    • PUT, baseURL/api/movie - updates a movie in the database
    • DELETE, baseURL/api/movie/id - removes a movie from the database

    The wwwroot folder contains a web client for the web service

I wrote these apps for use with CS295N, Web Development 1:ASP.NET, a class I teach at Lane Community College. Other course materials are here:

My blog:

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