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Editor, Assembler, Simulator for the 68000 microprocessor.
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  •                           EASy68K 
  • Editor, Assembler, Simulator, S-Record/Binary utility for 68000 microprocessor

Editor written by Tim Larson Original Assembler code by Paul McKee Assembler code modified by Charles Kelly

Original Simulator code by Paul McKee Simulator GUI by Charles Kelly Simulator code modified by Charles Kelly and Eric Nelson

EASyBIN S-Record/Binary file utility by Charles Kelly

Borland C++ Builder 6.0 or greater required to compile.

Web and forum

Please post comments, suggestions, and bug reports to the EASy68K forum.

This package contains everything you need to create and run 68000 assembly language programs on a Windows PC. All programs and files are distributed under the GNU General Public Use License. A copy of the GNU license is available in the Help menu.

Please see help for full contact information, bug reports, downloading and credits.

Several example programs are included in the Examples folder more examples are available on the web site.

The file extensions used by EASy68k are: .X68 68000 source code created with Edit68k .S68 68000 S-Record file created by assembling source. S-Record files are read by Sim68k and may be executed. .L68 68000 Listing file created by Edit68k when the source code is assembled.


Charles Kelly

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