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This is a Star Wars Galaxies server emulator, targeted at the Combat Upgrade (CU) era of the game.


  • Providing an experience that's reasonably close to the original, out of the box
  • Easily expandable with new functionality
  • Good amount of configuration options for in-game features
  • Efficient use of system resources and solid performance

Setting up a development environment

Ready to help bring back an awesome MMORPG with your programming skills?

Java Development Kit

In order to compile the source code, you need a JDK installation on your machine. The JAVA_HOME environment variable should point to the directory of the JDK! It should be version 13 as minimum. You can see your installed Java version by running java -version.


The project uses submodules. Get them by running: git submodule update --init


User information is read from a MongoDB database that can be run on any machine on your network. Default is the machine that Holocore is running on.

  1. Create database: use cu
  2. Create a user for Holocore: db.createUser({user: "holocore", pwd: "pass", roles: []})
  3. Create your game user: db.users.insert({username: "user", password: "pass", accessLevel: "dev", banned: false, characters: []})

Enabling the Character Builder Terminals:

  1. Switch to the relevant database: use cu
  2. Enable the character builder: db.config.insertOne({ "package": "", "characterBuilder": true })

Running Holocore

Compile and run Holocores main code using Gradle: ./gradlew run

Running automated tests

Compile and run Holocores automated tests using Gradle: ./gradlew test --info

Running your own server

If you're interesting in running your own server, you should use the provided Docker image.


This is the Star Wars Galaxies server emulator for the Java Virtual Machine