Indicates when user makes swipe gesture on a trackpad or mouse wheel
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Indicates when user makes swipe gesture on a trackpad or mouse wheel.

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npm i -S wheel-indicator

or oldschool method:

<script src="wheel-indicator.js"></script>


var WheelIndicator = require('wheel-indicator'); // ← if you use build system

var indicator = new WheelIndicator({
  elem: document.querySelector('.element'),
  callback: function(e){
    console.log(e.direction) // "up" or "down"

//The method call
indicator.getOption('preventMouse'); // true



Field Type Default value Mutable (by setOptions()) Description
elem Object (dom node) document No DOM node to listen wheel event on.
callback Function - Yes The callback, which will be triggered on gesture. Gets for the first argument a native wheel event object, extended by direction property, taking value 'up' or 'down'.
preventMouse Bool true Yes Disables mouse wheel working. In other words applies preventDefault() to wheel event.

Instance methods

Method Description
turnOff() Turns off callback triggering.
turnOn() Turns on callback trigerring.
setOptions(options) Sets the mutable options. The only argument must be Object.
getOption('option') Returns option value. The only argument must be String.
destroy() Removes event listener.