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WalkHub is looking for a maintainer and no longer supported. Pronovix (, the company that originally sponsored WalkHub’s development has focussed its activities around developer portals (API documentation) and is as a result unfortunately unable to provide any support for the project. The code is available as is, and we hope a developer with an interest in the project might be able to still use the code.


Walkthrough tutorials designed for web applications and websites. Add a record button and help center to your web application.

Check the landing page for more information.

Getting started



cp config.json.minimal config.json
$EDITOR config.json

Any configuration value can be overridden with an environment variable.


The official Docker image uses an empty configuration file. You either have to provide all configuration through environment variables, or you have to create an image and replace the empty configuration file.

Mandatory values

  • db: connection string to the PostgreSQL database
  • secret: 32 bytes long random byte sequence, encoded with hex encoding
  • cookiesecret: 32 bytes long random byte sequence, encoded with hex encoding
  • baseurl: the url where WalkHub will be. A default is set in the example config files.

At least one of the following authentication providers are mandatory:

  • google: OAuth2 tokens for Google (see config.json.sample.full)
  • pwauth: password authentication

If password authentication is enabled, then SMTP credentials are mandatory:

  • smtp: SMTP credentials (see config.json.sample.full). Only PLAIN authentication (RFC4616) is supported.

Optional values

If unsure, leave them empty.

  • host: host to listen on. Defaults to localhost.
  • port: port to listen on. Defaults to 8080.
  • letsencrypthost: enables letsencrypt on the specified host. Default is empty.
  • httpaddr: enables HTTP to HTTPS automatic redirection. The format of the address is host:port.
  • httporigin: if this is set, the HTTP requests will be forced to a separate domain.
  • redirectall: redirects all HTTP requests to HTTPS if the server is running in HTTPS mode. If this is set to false, only a few pages will be enabled in HTTP mode
  • contentpages: path to a JSON file that describes custom pages. The JSON file is a simple dictionary, where the key is the path (see react-router for the syntax) and the value is the require() path for the component
  • frontpagecomponent: overrides the component for the front page
  • footercomponent: overrides the component for the footer
  • extrabuild: a javascript file that exports a single function. This function can alter the webpack config.
  • menuitems: path to a JSON file that describes menu paths. Only change this if you want to change the menu of the site. See js/components/wrappers/app.js for more info on the structure.
  • googleanalyticsaccount: enables Google Analytics.
  • mailchimp: mailchimp-related configuration. If set, new users will be added to a mailing list.
  • metricsaddresses: comma separated whitelist of addresses from where the /metrics endpoint is accessible
  • languages: list of languages for the user interface

Build & Run

First you have to build the assets:

npm install
npm run build

Run the server:

go run cmd/walkhub/main.go

Quick start with Docker compose

This is a basic configuration to launch WalkHub locally. DO NOT use this in production. To maximize security for your GMail account, it is highly recommended to enable 2-factor authentication and create an app password for WalkHub.

	image: pronovix/walkhub-service
	restart: always
		- "8080:8080"
		- db
		HOST: ""
		DB: "host=db dbname=postgres user=docker password=docker sslmode=disable"
		BASEURL: "http://localhost:8080/"
		SECRET: "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
		COOKIESECRET: "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
		PWAUTH: "true"
		SMTP_USERNAME: "<your gmail address>"
		SMTP_PASSWORD: "<your gmail password>"
		SMTP_FROM: "<your gmail address>"
	image: postgres:latest
	restart: always

On startup the frontend assets will be built, and the server starts. You can visit the site at http://localhost:8080 after 20-40 seconds, depending on your hardware.


Feel free to open an issue or a pull request if you have questions / bugs / patches.


Walkthrough tutorials designed for web applications and websites. Add a record button and help center to your web application







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