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Qilin Management API

Qilin is an open source tool facilitating creation, distribution and activation of licenses for game content.

The mission of Qilin n is to enable developers, publishers, platforms and stores to distribute games, reducing their efforts on concluding and drafting contracts and exchanging documentation to a minimum, and providing them with comprehensive statistics in real time.

Our solution is a part of Protocol One IAAS, it is actively used in Storefront constructor. Qilin can be installed as a component on an existing P1-independent system, employing its own hardware or cloud platform.

Get started

Qilin management API designed to be launched with Kubernetes and handle all configuration from env variables:

Variable Default Description
QILINAPI_SERVER_PORT 8080 HTTP port to listed API requests.
QILINAPI_SERVER_ALLOW_ORIGINS * Comma separated list of CORS domains.
QILINAPI_SERVER_ALLOW_CREDENTIALS false Look at CORS documentation about this value.
QILINAPI_SERVER_DEBUG false Enable debug mode for echo based server.
QILINAPI_DATABASE_DSN See below GORM Postgres DSN string
QILINAPI_DATABASE_DEBUG false Enable logmode for Postgress.
QILINAPI_LOG_LEVEL debug Default logging level in application.
QILINAPI_LOG_REPORT_CALLER false Loggin stack trace enable.
QILINAPI_AUTH1_ISSUER URL to ProtocolOne authentication server (without slash on the end).
QILINAPI_AUTH1_CLIENTID Application identifier from ProtocolOne authenticate server.
QILINAPI_AUTH1_CLIENTSECRET Secret authentication key for the application from ProtocolOne authenticate server.

Default database DSN is postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/qilin?sslmode=disable.

This version of server use dump mail sender in current implementation. You may also configure it with env variables

Variable Default Description
QILINAPI_MAILER_HOST localhost Email server host.
QILINAPI_MAILER_PORT 25 Email server port.
QILINAPI_MAILER_USERNAME Email server username. Here is no default value, it should be provided.
QILINAPI_MAILER_PASSWORD Email server password. Here is no default value, it should be provided.
QILINAPI_MAILER_REPLY_TO Reply-to value. Here is no default value, it may be provided.
QILINAPI_MAILER_FROM From value. Here is no default value, it may be provided.
QILINAPI_MAILER_SKIP_VERIFY true Skip validate TLS on mail server connection.


  • Sales Growth. ​Individual pricing, cross-platform and cross-shop data create an individual feature list and price offers for each user, increasing sales conversions and their quantity.
  • New Games. ​Using e-sign in the Qilin agreement is all you have to do to access the listing of games within the Protocol One ecosystem.
  • All-platform release.​ Games and developers using Qilin can have a release on all platforms and stores within the ecosystem stores with a single click.
  • Quick withdrawal of funds.​ Qilin can credit the end stores — now you can withdraw funds whenever you wish, ignoring payment conditions of the end stores (minimum amount threshold, monthly or quarterly payments).
  • Settings. ​Real time regional price changes and planning the discounts on all platforms and stores without restrictions.
  • Statistics.​ Timely information on the amount of keys sold, the geography of sales, final prices and VAT updated in real time.
  • Key Streaming​. Create keys in Qinin without restrictions, in real time, for every purchase. For the distribution of 3rd party keys, a single set of keys is used to distribute to any number of end platforms. 2
  • Advanced regional restrictions system.​ A key coming from a “cheaper” region can either be prevented from activation, or the user can be offered to pay the difference.
  • Royalty reports.​ Embedded legally verifiable royalty reports for an arbitrary period of time, including cumulative figures across all platforms and stores.
  • Unified SDK.​ Qilin SDK used in the game can achieve unified integration with Steam, Gog, Kartridge and other platforms to manage authorization, achievements, payments and cloud saves. A single build can be used across all platforms

Supported go versions

We support the major Go versions, which are 1.11 at the moment.


Please feel free to submit issues, fork the repository and send pull requests!

When submitting an issue, we ask that you please include a complete test function that demonstrates the issue. Extra credit for those using Testify to write the test code that demonstrates it.


Qilin is an open source licenses managemen tool for game content




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