PufferPanel is an open source game server management panel, designed for both small networks and game server providers.
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Please read our announcements to stay up to date about our software.

What is PufferPanel?

PufferPanel is a web-based Game Server Management System. PufferPanel allows you to manage multiple different game servers all from one central location. You can give other users their own servers or allow them access to your servers. You can find pictures of our interfaces in our General User Feature Tour or in our Administrative Feature Tour.


Please follow the installation guide for PufferPanel located here.

What's different about PufferPanel?

In addition to being a free and open source project, PufferPanel provides an easy to use interface for everyone from individual users to large networks or companies. We strive to create a friendly community and we would love for you to join us.


PufferPanel now uses the pufferd daemon.

Having issues or want to help?

If you need help with PufferPanel or you'd like to help out you can contact us on IRC (irc.esper.net #pufferpanel) or ask a question on our Community Support Forums. Check out our Documentation for guides on how to install, update, and manage PufferPanel.

Copyright Notices

Some Javascript and CSS used within the panel is licensed under a MIT, Apache 2.0, or GPL license. Please check their header files for information.

Some images used within PufferPanel are Copyright (c) their respective owners.

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