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Blender keymapper addon - Map shortcuts on mouse button 4 and 5
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Blender keymapper addon - Map shortcuts on mouse button 4 and 5 for mouse with additional buttons.

Download latest (right click, save Target as)

Download older (2.7 version) (right click, save Target as)


Add 'view selection' and 'view all' shortcuts on mouse.

Keymapp a list of shortcut for almost all editor where:

  • mouse button 4 (often used as 'previous' action) is used to focus on selected items. (like numpad period button)
  • mouse button 5 (often used as 'next' action) is used to fit all elements in view. (like home button)

It does NOT affect any original shortcut on keyboard.
Usual location of button 4 and 5 on a mouse with basic extra buttons (this may vary a lot on different device)

mouse with additional buttons 4 and 5

Why ?

The location of home key and numpad period is far from both hands and force you to quit temporarily your rest positions, tending to break the fluidity of the workflow.

Other keymaps

  • Ctrl + mouse button 4 Recenter the view on mouse cursor (like "Alt+F"), can be inverted in addon prefs
  • Ctrl + mouse button 5 Toggle isolate selection (numpad slash button), can be inverted in addon prefs

  • Shift + mouse button 4 Snap 3D cursor to selection
  • Shift + mouse button 5 Snap selection to 3D cursor

  • Alt + mouse button 4 Jump to previous keyframe
  • Alt + mouse button 5 Jump to next keyframe

Addon preferences

In the addons preferences you can choose to:

  • Invert the buttons (for all)
  • In 3D view : Recenter the view on mouse cursor (like "Alt+F") instead of focus on selection (by default on ctrl+button)
  • In 3D view : Toggle isolate (numpad slash button) instead of view all (by default on ctrl+button)

Thanks to Vincent Lamy for the base idea

update 0.0.8 (19/02/2019):

  • 2.8 version

update 0.0.7 (05/06/2018):

  • Added Alt combo to jump keyframe

update 0.0.4 and 0.0.5 (22/04/2018):

  • Fix bad keymap unregister
  • Added modifiers functions:
    • Shift combo : cursor to selection and selection to cursor
    • Ctrl combo : access alternative view tweak

updates 0.0.3 (14/04/2018):

  • By default shortcuts are now completely consistent (view_selected and view all everywhere)
  • added addon preferences to invert buttons and customize shortcut in 3D view.
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