Blender addon - generate composite nodes to export render layers separately
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render Layer Folders

setup automatically composite nodes to export render layers separately

Download latest (right click, save Target as)


The renderlayers, input nodes are created from renderlayers scene names. Then connected to one "output file" node with multiple input. everything will be in a folder named "Layers" at the same level of the blend file (this is easily tweakable after, it is set by the base path of the output file node) each render layer will be exported in a separate subfolder.

e.g: for a renderlayer nammed 'background' image will be: //Layers/background/background_0001.png

note that it will generate folders hierarchy at the moment you launch the operator (without render needed) If you don't want that to happen, comment the line 52 of the script 'folder_gen(layer)'.

where ?

The panel is located in properties > layers

UI panel:
RLfolder panel

generated nodes:
RLfolder panel