Pure Storage FlashArray Python REST 1.X Client
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Pure Storage REST Client

This library is designed to provide a simple interface for issuing commands to a Pure Storage Flash Array using a REST API. It communicates with the array using the python requests HTTP library.


This library requires the use of python 2.6 or later and the third-party library "requests".

Additionally, this library can only be used communicate with Flash Arrays that support one or more REST API versions between 1.0 and 1.16; currently, this includes any Flash Array running Purity 3.4.0 or later.


This library supports all functionality offered by REST API versions up to 1.16.

Note that different versions of the REST API offer different functionality, and some operations may be unusable except on certain versions of the REST API. For example, functionality relating to FlashRecover and protection groups (pgroups) requires the use of REST API version 1.2, which is supported only by Purity versions 4.0 and later.


$ python setup.py install




From the root directory of the rest-client

$ PYTHONPATH=$(pwd):$PYTHONPATH py.test test/*.py


  • purestorage/ -- Contains library code.
  • docs/ -- Contains API documentation, Makefile and conf.py.
  • CHANGES.rst -- Library change log.
  • LICENSE.txt -- Library BSD 2-Clause license.
  • README.txt -- This document.