@orignal orignal released this Aug 23, 2018 · 35 commits to openssl since this release

Assets 53
  1. Full implementation of NTCP2
  2. Provide assets for android
  3. Single apk for arm7 and x86 android builds
  4. Some fix in web console
  5. Don't add address in RouterInfo if transport is disabled in config

@orignal orignal released this Jun 26, 2018 · 131 commits to openssl since this release

Assets 57
  1. ECIES support for RouterInfo
  2. HTTP outproxy authentication
  3. AVX/AESNI runtime detection
  4. Android build using gradle
  5. Implementation of I2CP reconfigure
  6. EdDSA for RouterInfo by default
  7. Datagrams to websocks
  8. Fixed tunnels reload
  9. Fixed headers in webconsole
  10. Correct SAM session name
  11. Updated docker
  12. Multiple changes for QT GUI
  13. Initial implementation of NTCP2
  14. Added I2PControl method "ClientServicesInfo"

@orignal orignal released this Jan 30, 2018 · 408 commits to openssl since this release

Assets 40
  1. Graceful shutdown as soon as no more transit tunnels
  2. Show tunnel nicknames for I2CP destination in WebUI
  3. Re-create HTTP and SOCKS proxy and shared local destination by tunnel reload
  4. Fixed issues and timing for addressbook requests
  5. Return correct code if pid file can't be created
  6. Fixed build errors with boost 1.66
  7. Use transient local destination by default if not specified
  8. Check LeaseSet's signature before update
  9. Fixed few race conditions for SAM

@orignal orignal released this Dec 4, 2017 · 511 commits to openssl since this release

Assets 38
  1. Reseed through HTTP and SOCKS proxy
  2. transient keys for tunnels
  3. Correct publication of ECIES destinations
  4. i2p.streaming.initialAckDelay parameter
  5. Change log level through web console
  6. Show status of client services through web console
  7. Disable RSA signatures completely
  8. Fixed web console layout and shutdown for Windows
  9. CRYPTO_TYPE for SAM destination
  10. Signature and crypto type for newkeys BOB command

@orignal orignal released this Nov 13, 2017 · 547 commits to openssl since this release

Assets 35
  1. HTTPS and "CONNECT" method for HTTP Proxy
  2. Outproxy support for HTTP Proxy
  3. Initial support of ECIES crypto
  4. Full timestamps in logs
  5. NTCP soft and hard descriptors limits
  6. Update tunnels address(destination) without restart
  7. Reload config and shutdown from Windows GUI
  8. Correct SAM tunnel name
  9. Fixed few BOB issues

@orignal orignal released this Aug 17, 2017 · 690 commits to openssl since this release

Assets 32
  1. Ability to add and remove I2P tunnels without restart
  2. Strip-out Accept-* headers in HTTP proxy
  3. Handle lines with comments in hosts.txt file for address book
  4. Ability to disable SOCKS outproxy option
  5. QT GUI
  6. Don't run peer test if nat=false
  7. Run router with empty netdb for testnet
  8. Skip expired introducers by iexp
  9. Separate output of NTCP and SSU sessions in Transports tab