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All projects under the Pylons Projects, including this one, follow the guidelines established at How to Contribute, Coding Style and Standards, and Pylons Project Documentation Style Guide.

You can contribute to this project in several ways.

Git Branches

Git branches and their purpose and status at the time of this writing are listed below.

  • master - The branch on which further development takes place. The default branch on GitHub.
  • 2.0-branch - The branch classified as "alpha".
  • 1.10-branch - The branch classified as "stable" or "latest".
  • 1.9-branch - The oldest actively maintained and stable branch.

Older branches are not actively maintained. In general, two stable branches and one or two development branches are actively maintained.


Follow the instructions in HACKING.txt to install Pyramid and the tools needed to run its tests and build its documentation.

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