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Welcome to the pyramid wiki!

Companies and organizations that use Pyramid

Projects that use Pyramid

Collaborative projects

Google Summer of Code 2017

Google Summer of Code 2013


Documentation Roadmap: What's happening in Pyramid documentation development

Documentationoverhaul: Ideas for overhauling the Pyramid manual

Readthedocs support: Pylons Project documentation is now published on ReadTheDocs

Sprint Organization

PyCon 2014 Sprint:

Sprint Ideas

Pyramid/Pylons Project Summer 2013 Sprint:

Pre-RuPy Budapest October 2013 Sprint:

Post-PyconIE October 2013 Sprint:

Sprint Ideas: Ideas for pending conference sprints


Python 3 Porting: Porting Pyramid to Python 3

Pyramid 2 Brainstorm: Ideas for Pyramid 2

Sprint Ideas: Ideas for pending conference sprints

BOF Ideas: Ideas for pending conference birds-of-a-feather sessions

PyCon 2012: PyCon 2012 Sprint Planning

Readthedocs-support: Read The Docs Support