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Get support from friends to reach your goals. Create a goal, and then assign a friend be your referee. The referee will keep you accountable, and they can also help you along the way by sending you reminders. For extra incentive to reach your goals, try wagering your reputation points on the outcome.

How to contribute

To contribute with a fix, patch, new feature, or other improvements, simply open an issue to discuss your code intentions and then create a pull request against the appropriate branch. Once the code has been merged into the master branch, a new version of the app which will include your changes will be published. You'll be able to see your work live in the Google Play store then.

Code style and structure

MVP architecture is currently used for all Activities and core Fragments (Dialogs are not held to this standard at this time), so try to keep the codes consistent if possible. Please ensure all Unit Tests are passing or updated to pass before submitting a pull request.

Backend server

A development test server is setup at: Check out the Wiki for backend APIs. If you have a feature that you would like to add that also requires server integration, please mock the interface and I'll implement the logic on the server side once you make the pull request.


Excluding all tests and layout XML files, below is the statistic for Goalie as of version 1.1

Language Number of files Blank lines Comment lines Code lines Total
Java 78 1132 1229 5240 7601


Apache 2.0

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