Scripts used for conversion of the data for the PET/CT quantitative imaging biomarker development project by the Iowa site of NCI QIN.
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NOTE: these scripts were used for conversion of the Iowa QIN-HEADNECK derived data. 
They are not maintained, and instead the general purpose functionality is being 
migrated into the Reporting repository
and into the 3D Slicer core.

The process of data conversion is described in the following manuscript:

Fedorov A, Clunie D, Ulrich E, Bauer C, Wahle A, Brown B, Onken M, Riesmeier J, 
Pieper S, Kikinis R, Buatti J, Beichel RR. (2016) DICOM for quantitative imaging 
biomarker development: a standards based approach to sharing clinical data and 
structured PET/CT analysis results in head and neck cancer research. PeerJ 4:e2057

The resulting data is available in TCIA QIN-HEADNECK collection: