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@agran agran released this May 28, 2015 · 1106 commits to master since this release

The v0.21.0 release includes the following updates:

  • Reworked the messages section.
  • Added encrypted messages. (AES algorithm with a 256 bit key)
  • Added settings window.
  • Added compression for name values.
  • Added <inj>{name}</inj> to insert the value of {name} in webpages.
  • Added new API commands: "GET addresses/publickey/{address}" and "GET blocks/byheight/{height}".
  • ToolTip in status icon displays the percentage of blocks already downloaded.
  • ToolTip in forging icon shows the time to forge the next block.
  • Sound notifications for messages and payments.
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes.

MD5 70a957c75b418e9d393db5c9e23f351f
SHA1 d42cec06bce064f3cd8d9505fb8d08ecc2a8cb84
SHA256 054894edfdb3945978ab6b812c4159a77601e93189aa5a381dd12d16e2b331d1
Virus Total -


MD5 9f33f33a3f073d982da293bc10e0c2d8
SHA1 76286d97c67a9f4ef4ba8d0d4f28d6344af9c801
SHA256 bef2b5f3cec6220871f33b307122b5e4624aaf3d63ac4358acc2a80088b19e2f
Virus Total - Qora-v0.21.0.exe

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