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An unofficial, open source Android client for reddit.

CI Translation status

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  • Free and open-source Software - no ads/tracking
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Swipe posts left and right to perform customizable actions, such as upvote/downvote, or save/hide
  • Advanced cache management - automatically stores past versions of posts and comments
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Two-column tablet mode (can be used on your phone, if it’s big enough)
  • Image and comment precaching (optional: always, never, or Wi-Fi only)
  • Built-in image viewer, and GIF/video player
  • Multiple themes, including night mode, and ultra black for AMOLED displays
  • Support for Android 4.0+


RedReader is available for free on the Google Play store:

RedReader can also be found for free on F-Droid:

The Google Play APKs are also available here:


Please help us translate RedReader into new languages, or improve the translations for existing languages!

Translation status


RedReader is built using Gradle. On Linux, simply run:

./gradlew installDebug


RedReader is licensed under the GPL, version 3. A copy of the license is included in LICENSE.txt.


A full list of contributors is included in the changelog.

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