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SPAN (SELinux Policy Analysis Notebook) is a small library designed to make using SETools 4 simple in a Jupyter notebook.

Using SETools within Jupyter notebook is an amazingly productive way to do policy analysis. It becomes simple to keep notes alongside any queries you do or, almost more importantly, write simple scripts that allow you to do more powerful policy analysis.

SPAN Screenshot

Jupyter notebooks are an interactive environment that lets you write text (in Markdown) and code together. What's powerful is that the code is executable within the document itself. That let's you write queries and text together at the same time. You can get a feel for what's possible in this awesome notebook on Regex Golf from XKCD. There is also the more official (and boring) introduction.


SPAN is pure Python and supports Python 3 only. You can install with:

$ pip3 install -r python_requirements.txt
$ python3 install

The only tricky requirement can be SETools 4. See for more information on installing SETools.

MacOS Support

Also note, that this all installs and works on MacOS as well. You will have to install libsepol and SETools from source, but if you have a working development environment that is not difficult. Just make certain that you use master from SELinux userspace ( and SETools.

  1. You must install coreutils and pandoc. We recommend using Home Brew ( to install these.
  2. You must install userspace SELinux using specific parameters to make so the library ends up in the correct place.
brew install coreutils pandoc
# cd you your SELinux checkout
cd libsepol
sudo make DESTDIR=/usr/local PREFIX=/usr/local install

Then following the instructions described above in the Installation section.

Getting Started

Go to examples and start Jupyter notebook: e.g., jupyter-notebook. This will open a browser window listing the contents of the directory. From there you can explore the example notebooks (start with SPAN Example).


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