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A group of researchers with a shared interest in property-based testing
  • Philadelphia, Princeton, Sophia-Antipolis, Paris, Gothenburg, and Cambridge (UK)

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  1. Randomized Property-Based Testing Plugin for Coq

    Coq 194 24

  2. Luck Public

    Luck -- A Language for Property-Based Generators

    Haskell 30 2

  3. IFC Public

    Information Flow Control (IFC) case study for the QuickChick testing plugin for Coq. Includes verification of testing and some other Coq proofs.

    Coq 10

  4. Haskell code associated to the "Testing Noninterference, Quickly" paper. The associated Coq proofs are in a separate repository:

    Haskell 5 2

  5. Plugin for the QuickChick library



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