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Job openings at Quod AI
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What if every software engineer could hold 1 billion lines of code in their head? How would it change the way we build software? How would it accelerate our innovations for the rest of the world?

Quod AI aims to create the first AI assistant for software engineering team. Our first product translates raw source code into natural language to help software engineering team manage the complexity of large codebase. To do this, we apply NLP and Deep Learning onto more than 1 billion lines of code.


Our team has ex Silicon Valley engineers and award winning AI researchers from top institutions like Cornell University, IBM AI XPRIZE, UCL, NTU Complexity Institute & Polytechnique Paris.

We are funded and backed by 500 Startups, Xooglers Angels, Entrepreneur First and SGInnovate.

Check out all of our job openings at

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