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@nowrep nowrep released this Oct 8, 2015 · 1733 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • save pinned tabs per-window when set to restore session
  • Shift+Left click on links now opens link in new window
  • show web inspector action now toggles inspector
  • add button to create new userscript in GreaseMonkey
  • add "Anti-Adblock Killer" AdBlock subscription
  • add Ctrl+G and Ctrl+Shift+G shortcuts in search toolbar
  • fix enabling select all and find actions in menu
  • fix searching for strings with special whitespaces from locationbar
  • fix build with KF5 KWallet
  • fix crash when blocking popup window with AdBlock
  • fix icon animation when blocking popup window with AdBlock
  • fix build with Qt 5.5 and gcc 4.9
  • fix incorrectly accepting some cookies
  • fix creating new config directory
  • fix saving settings without changing pages in SpeedDial
  • fix center dials option in SpeedDial
  • fix not escaping characters for (file, ftp) dir listings
  • fix not showing restore page when opening new url from cli
  • fix adding search engine from form on page with Qt 5
  • fix saving homepage/new tab urls from preferences
  • Linux: use run-time detection of X11 platform
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