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ttn_gateway based on the latest SX1301 driver lora_gateway v5.0.1 and semtech packet_forwarder v4.0.1


The aim of this project is to help users set up a LoRa network easily. The User Guide can be get from our Web.

Supported platforms

This project currently provides support for the below platforms.

  • RAK2245 + RPi
  • RAK831 + RPi
  • RAK7243 without LTE


2019-05-06 RAK V2.5

  • Add AP mode

2019-04-26 RAK V2.4

  • Add loraserver

2019-03-19 RAK V2.2

  • Initial version

Precompiled Firmware image

If you want to use a precompiled firmware image directly, please download the latest one from RAK website:

Install by yourself

If you want to install from zore by yourself, please do as the following steps:

step1 : Download and install Raspbian Stretch LITE

step2 : Use "sudo raspi-config" command, enable spi interface

step3 : Clone the installer and start the installation

  $ git clone ~/RAK2245-RAK831-LoRaGateway-RPi-Raspbian-OS
  $ cd ~/RAK2245-RAK831-LoRaGateway-RPi-Raspbian-OS
  $ sudo ./

step4 : Next you will see some messages as follow. Just hit the Enter key to keep default or enter your information if you want.

  Host name [rak-gateway]:
  Latitude [0]: 
  Longitude [0]: 
  Altitude [0]: 

step5 : Now you have a running gateway after restart!

step6 (Optional):You can use the command "sudo gateway-config" to select other bands if your hardware supports.

How to use it?

Please have a look at the getting start document on RAK website:

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