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A GroupMe bot to help and entertain friends
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House Bot

A GroupMe bot built to help and entertain my friends at our house.

The bot, made with Node.js, utilizes the Express framework to receive incoming messages from particular group messages. In addition, the bot utilizes MongoDB for storing the weekly menu.

Currently, the bot is able to list the daily/weekly menu, report the current weather, match an owner to a car (for when someone is blocked in), generate random insults (all in good fun), and respond with other keyword-based easter eggs.

Command Format

To get the bot to respond to you at all, send a message in the GroupMe with the bot of the format "@bot {commands} {go} {here}"

For example, "@bot weather" would have the bot respond with the current weather

How to Run

First, clone this repository and install the relevant modules.

git clone
cd house-bot
npm i

Once you have your GroupMe bot created (see the GroupMe developer page), set the callback URL to http://localhost:3000/.

Next, you will want to create a config file. Fill out this template with your bot's ID and Group ID:

module.exports = {
   bot_ids: {
       "your group id here": "your bot id here"

Save this file as config/dev.js

Finally, start the server with npm start or node app.js

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