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Insane Alarm!

This is a desktop port (nw.js) of my very first chrome app programmed one night when my wife was away. I had spent a night out with the boys and drank a bit too much but needed to be up in the morning. I realised that my phone was dead and I didn't have a charger, and my internet was unreliable at the time so none of the apps out there seemed like they would wake me up reliably.

So I naturally did what any programmer would do, I programmed my own, with the LOUDEST alarm based off of an emergency alarm from when I was in the military. I couldn't find a good sound to match it in my intoxicated state... so I made my own using the Web Audio Context and Oscillator nodes.

It supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download Alarm

Download the program or binaries for your system from our insane alarm releases

Support by Purchasing alarm

insane alarm on

If this alarm has saved your but, woken you, your spouse, children, animals and or neighbors up, please take a moment to show this app is worth a dollar to you! Its just a buck, you probably have lost 10x that much between the center console and your seat in the car. Show some love!


  1. Loud as hell!
  2. Adjusts brightness and colors based on ambient light.
  3. Easy to use alarm settings.
  4. Displays news headlines from CNN.

Alarm screenshots

Dark clock Dark alarm Light clock Light alarm

Building from src

  1. You will need nodejs installed.
  2. run npm install from the insane-alarm directory (not the src directory). This should npm install nw-builder for the build script
  3. run node build.js from the insane alarm directory.
  4. run your build from the build folder created!

Licensed under DBAD license

See the DBAD license in your language or our file.


This alarm will wake you up no matter what!







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