A heads-up display for your network
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RIPE Atlas Halo

A heads-up display for your network

How to Run It

It's a Django app, so if you're familiar with that, installation should be easy. Just do the following:

  1. Create a virtualenv (Python 3.4+)
  2. Enter that virtualenv
  3. Check out the code from this repo
  4. Run pip install -r requirements.txt (in the root of this project)
  5. Change to the src directory in this project
  6. Run ./manage.py migrate
  7. Run ./manage.py runserver
  8. Open a browser and point it at http://localhost:8000/

Docker Version

You can build, and start the ripe-atlas-halo project as a docker container using the following commands.

The first will command docker to execute the Dockerfile and create a new local image on your workstation which contains the current src of the project, along with the required dependencies based on requirements.txt

The second command starts the container for use.

docker build -t ripe-atlas-halo .
docker run -d -name my-ripe-atlas-halo -p 8000:8000 ripe-atlas-halo

Once the container has started, you can navigate to the interface on http://localhost:8000/

To stop the container, simply run

docker stop my-ripe-atlas-halo


This project was named "Halo" after the video game by the same name. It's a reference to heads-up display (as one has in any FPS), which is synonym for a dashboard... which is what this is.

Give us a break, we had limited time and more important things to do than pick a name ;-)