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RIPE Atlas Tools (Magellan)

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The official command-line client for RIPE Atlas.

Full Documentation

Everything is up on ReadTheDocs

How Does it Work?

Presently, the setup is pretty crude. You can create a ping or traceroute measurement with limited options from the command line:

$ ripe-atlas measure ping --target

# or you can omit --target for most measurement types
$ ripe-atlas measure ping

$ ripe-atlas measure ping --packets 7 --size 42 --target

$ ripe-atlas measure traceroute --target

$ ripe-atlas measure traceroute --packets 2 --target

$ ripe-atlas measure dns --query-argument

# or you can omit --query-argument for DNS measuremetns
$ ripe-atlas measure dns

$ ripe-atlas measure dns --use-probe-resolver --query-type AAAA --query-argument

This will create a one-off measurement and then wait for the results to roll in, formatting them as they do.

You can also use it to connect to a stream of formatted data. This command will start streaming out all of the results from one of our oldest measurements:

$ ripe-atlas stream 1001

Or you can generate a simple report:

$ ripe-atlas report 1001

Configuration is done by way of a config file, and modifying it can be done from the command line:

$ ripe-atlas configure --set authorisation.create=MY_API_KEY

Can I Contribute?

Absolutely. Please read our guide on how to contribute.


This project was code-named by means of a poll. In order to conform to the RIPE Atlas theme, it had to be named for an explorer, and so the winning suggestion was for Magellan, "in memory of those times when RTT was ~3 years".