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Arioc: GPU-accelerated DNA short-read alignment

Download the current release here.

Download the Arioc user guide here or as part of the current release.

Arioc-encoded reference genomes

The Arioc aligners use binary encoded lookup tables as reference genome indexes. For convenience, several Arioc-encoded reference genomes are available for download at, the FTP server of the Center for Computational Biology at Johns Hopkins University:

genome subdirectory content
H sapiens H_sapiens NCBI GRCh38: patch 14 (WGS); patch 13 (WGS, WGBS)
M musculus M_musculus NCBI GRCm39
S cerevisiae S_cerevisiae S288C
T aestivum T_aestivum NCBI GCA_002220425.3 (Triticum 4.0)

Related publications

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