A Rails API for Rainward, a travel website for dreary and drizzly places.
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Using the Rainward API

Rainward is an open API that provides JSON data about cities in the US and Canada with dreary and drizzly five-day weather forecasts.

This API uses forecast data from the OpenWeatherMap API.

The Rainward API was created to be consumed by Rainward - a dreary and drizzly destination finder, but is available for public use.

What the Rainward API Provides

The Rainward API has four endpoints, each of which returns a list of three ranked cities for a North American region. The regions are US Northeast, US Northwest, Canada East, and Canada West.

Cities are ordered by their dreariness ranking. The top-ranked city has the most dreary and drizzly weather forecast, as determined by the Rainward API.

Regional data for each endpoint is updated once daily.


City Attributes

Example JSON data for a city:

    "id": 102,
    "api_id": 5037649,
    "rating": 50,
    "name": "Minneapolis",
    "country": "US",
    "lat": 44.979969,
    "lon": -93.26384,
    "region": "usne",
    "photo_url": "https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3080/2689753217_7dd38083ba.jpg",
    "current_description": "broken clouds",
    "current_temp": 80.6,
    "suggestion_id": 1,
    "photo_cred": "Tony Webster",
    "precipitation_rating": 24,
    "temperature_rating": 0,
    "cloudiness_rating": 20,
    "windiness_rating": 6

Attribute Descriptions

id: unique ID for the city
api_id: city's unique id in the OpenWeatherMap API
rating: Rainward dreariness rating for a city. Cities are listed in descending order of rating.
name: city name
country: country where the city is located (provided by OpenWeatherMap)
lat: latitude (provided by OpenWeatherMap)
lon: longitude (provided by OpenWeatherMap)
region: regional code for the city's location
photo_url: a rainy photo of the city or default rainy photo. Photos are from Flickr with commercial use allowed.
photo_cred: credit to the Flickr user for the photo in photo_url
precipitation_rating: scoring (0 to 30) of the city's forecasted precipitation
temperature_rating: scoring (0 to 30) of the city's forecasted temperature
cloudiness_rating: scoring (0 to 30) of the city's forecasted cloudiness
windiness_rating: scoring (0 to 30) of the city's forecasted windiness

How the Rainward API Ranks Cities

The ranking for a city is determined by its forecasted precipitation, temperature, cloudiness, and windiness.

Using data from OpenWeatherMap API, cities receive points for each evaluated forecast with a predicted temperature under 50 F, chance of rain, cloud coverage over 50%, or wind speed greater than 5 meter/second.

More about Rainward's Regions and Cities

Cities are manually seeded to the Rainward API by region.

US Northeast

This region covers the northeastern US and midwest.

All Rainward cities in this region are: Philadelphia, Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, New York, Minneapolis, Detroit, Milwaukee, Boston, Burlington, Portland

US Northwest

This region covers the northwestern US.

All Rainward cities in this region are: Omaha, St. Louis, St. Paul, Boise, Sacramento, Seattle, Denver, Portland, San Francisco

Canada East

This region covers all cities on the eastern half of Canada.

All Rainward cities in this region are: Ottawa, Mississauga, Toronto, Winnipeg, Quebec, Montreal

Canada West

This region covers all cities on the western half of Canada.

All Rainward cities in this region are: Calgary, Surrey, Vancouver, Edmonton