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Stand-alone program for viewing models and other assets used by Final Fantasy XIV
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FFXIV Model Viewer

FFXIV Model Viewer is a utility for viewing the models and other files used by Square Enix's MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

This software DOES NOT modify the game or the data used by the game in any way.


Before installing the FFXIV Model Viewer you must have the following installed:

Once the prerequisites are installed simply run the installer and choose a destination folder.

If you have FFXIV installed the program should detect its location via a registry key. Additionally, the program will initially cache data used for rendering NPCs/monsters which may take a little bit of time. This process will be repeated whenever an updated version of FFXIV is detected.

Using the Model Viewer

Left panel:
Shows contents of files opened view File > Open. Most files in the FFXIV data and client folders can be viewed and some allow additional functionality:

   Shader/File - View disassembled shader (DirectX shader assembly)
          GTEX - View texture
          MDLC - View model (untextured)
  Vorbis/ADPCM - Play Sound
skl (Skeleton) - Visualize skeleton (static or animated)
    Lua Script - Save script

Center panel:
Allows you to search for NPCs and monsters and, ideally, display them as they appear in-game.

Right panel:
Displays list of models located in the /client/chara folders. mon = monsters, bgobj = background objects, pc = players/armor, wep = weapons
Not all folders are able to be viewed using this method.

View > Cartographer: Allows you to view and save images of the maps used in game


* Not all controls are available in all viewers

  Click+Drag - Rotate model
 Mouse wheel - Resize model
           W - Camera forward
           A - Camera strafe left
           S - Camera backwards
           D - Camera strafe right
     Page Up - Camera move up
   Page Down - Camera move down
           R - Reset camera position to default
         1-6 - Switch texture for a given model part
  Shift+ 1-6 - Toggle visibility of a given model part
           X - Toggle skeleton visualization
           P - Toggle rendering of PGRPs
       Space - Pause animation
        Left - Reverse animation by one step
       Right - Move animation forward one step
   Alt+Enter - Toggle fullscreen mode
Print Screen - Save a screenshot (Screenshots are saved to your 'My Pictures' folder)

Version History

v1.0.0 - Initial Release.

v1.0.1 - Added Mouse Panning to Cartographer.


FFXIV Model Viewer is licensed under the MIT license, the text of which is located within the LICENSE file that should be included with this source distribution.

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