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RaiMan's Stuff SikuliX 1.1.4

Build Status

Since version 2 is still in a very experimental stage and needs a complete revision, I thought, that it might be the time, to implement some of the version-2-ideas into the current version 1.

Major changes and enhancements

  • latest OpenCV 3.x and everything at the Java level
  • support for transparency
  • revision of the text/OCR feature now based on Tess4J (wrapper around latest Tesseract 3.x)
  • packaging reduced to downloadable, ready-to-use API and IDE jars (bye, bye Setup ;-)
  • revision of the IDE and its feature implementations

Be aware This version is a developement version and currently only available as nightly build.

Here you can get the stuff

Here you can read more about the changes/enhancements

You need at least Java 8, but it works on Java 9, 10, 11 also

Developement is done on Java 11 now (OpenJDK release)


The repository URL:


The coordinates are:


Works out of the box for Mac and Windows

For Linux you have to make the prerequisites OpenCV and Tesseract ready (for HowTo look here)