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Rajawali Live Wallpaper Template


As of 03/17/2016, this template is fully integrated to the examples application which has been moved to the main Rajawali repository: This repository will remain for historical reference but it is effectively abandoned and no responses from the maintainers should be expected.


This is a sample live wallpaper for Android. It uses Rajawali, an open-source OpenGL ES 2.x engine.


  1. Install the Android SDK.
  2. Clone and into the same parent directory (i.e. ls ~/foo outputs Rajawali/ RajawaliWallpaperTemplate/).
  3. Import both projects into Eclipse.


  • Change the Java package com.mydomain.wallpaper.mywallpaper to something new. Eclipse makes this relatively simple with its "Refactor" -> "Rename" functionality.
  • Update any package references in AndroidManifest.xml and res/xml/wallpaper.xml.
  • Rename the wallpaper in res/values/strings.xml.
  • Edit the settings activity in res/xml/settings.xml.
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