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use v6;
use Test;
use lib $?FILE.IO.parent(2).add("packages/AandB/lib");
use lib $?FILE.IO.parent(2).add("packages/S11-modules/lib");
plan 18;
# L<S11/"Compile-time Importation"/>
use Foo;
ok( &foo, 'Foo::foo is defined (explicitly :DEFAULT)' );
is( foo(), 'Foo::foo', 'Foo::foo is the sub we expect' );
ok( &bar, 'Foo::bar is defined (explicitly :DEFAULT and :others)' );
is( bar(), 'Foo::bar', 'Foo::bar is the sub we expect' );
ok( &baz, 'Foo::baz is defined (:MANDATORY)' );
is( baz(), 'Foo::baz', 'Foo::baz is the sub we expect' );
ok( &bop, 'Foo::bop is defined (implicitly :DEFAULT)' );
is( bop(), 'Foo::bop', 'Foo::bop is the sub we expect' );
multi waz($x) { 'Foo::wazhere' } #OK not used
ok( &waz, 'Foo::waz multi is defined (implicitly :DEFAULT)' );
is( waz(), 'Foo::waz', 'Foo::waz is the sub we expect' );
is( waz(1), 'Foo::wazhere', 'Foo::waz imported does not wipe out our other waz multis' );
dies-ok { EVAL 'qux()' }, 'qux() not imported';
dies-ok { EVAL 'gaz()' }, 'gaz() not imported';
dies-ok( { EVAL '&foo' }, 'Foo::foo is undefined in outer scope' );
class TestImportInClass {
use A::B;
method doit {;
lives-ok { TestImportInClass.doit() },
"can instantiate class that's loaded from inside another class";
lives-ok {
use ExportsEnumDate;
#?rakudo.js.browser skip "EVAL time use doesn't work in the browser"
throws-like 'use Foo :NoSucTag;', X::Import::NoSuchTag,
'die while trying to import a non-existent export tag';
# GH rakudo/rakudo#3116
eval-lives-ok q<use NoPrecompilation;>, "`use` of module with `no precompilation` inside EVAL";
# vim: expandtab shiftwidth=4
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