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A semantic external parser for XML files that can be used together with GMaster, PlasticSCM or SemanticMerge. Supports various XML formats, such as the Visual Studio project format.
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A semantic external parser for XML files that can be used together with GMaster, PlasticSCM or SemanticMerge.

How to use it with GMaster is documented here.

How to use it with SemanticMerge or Plastic SCM is described here in chapter "How to invoke Semantic with an external parser".

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Please raise issues on GitHub. If you can repeat the issue then please provide a sample to make it easier for me to also repeat it and then implement a fix.

Please do not hijack unrelated issues, I would rather you create a new issue than add noise to an unrelated issue.

Supported formats

Description File name / extension
.NET API reference XML comments .xml
.NET Application manifest .manifest
.NET Assembly manifest .manifest
.NET Configuration .config
.NET Settings .settings
C# Rule sets .ruleset
dotCover (NDepend XML format) .xml
Entity Framework Database Schema (V3) .edmx
FxCop CustomDictionary.xml
Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) .proj, .targets, .props, .projitems
Microsoft Prism (Library 5.0 for WPF) Module catalog .xaml
NDepend .ndproj, .ndrules
NuGet Configuration packages.config
NuGet Manifest .nuspec
Sandcastle Help File Builder Project .shfbproj
Visual Build .bld
Visual Studio C++ Project .vcxproj
Visual Studio C# Project .csproj
Visual Studio CIL assembler Project .ilproj
Visual Studio Code Sharing App Project .shproj
Visual Studio F# Project .fsproj
Visual Studio Javascript Project .jsproj
Visual Studio Modeling Project .modelproj
Visual Studio Native Project .nativeproj
Visual Studio Node JS Project .njsproj
Visual Studio Python Project .pyproj
Visual Studio SQL Server Project .sqlproj
Visual Studio Visual Basic Project .vbproj
Visual Studio Installer XML .vsixmanifest
WPF .xaml
Wix Toolkit .wxi, .wxl, .wxs
XML Localization Interchange File Format .xlf
XML .xml
XSD .xsd
XSL Transformation (XSLT) .xsl, .xslt

Note: A semantic parser for .NET resource files (.resx) can be found here.

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