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1 parent f699f97 commit 99831d6935a5385acb97220d6a1892f20a9eac5a @Ramarren committed Jun 25, 2008
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@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@
((left :accessor left :initform nil :initarg :left)
(right :accessor right :initform nil :initarg :right)))
-(defgeneric make-rope (source))
+(defgeneric make-rope (source)
+ (:documentation "Create rope from string or other rope (copying structure)."))
(defmethod make-rope ((source null))
@@ -58,7 +59,8 @@
(defmethod rope-rebalance ((rope rope-leaf))
-(defgeneric rope-walk (rope fun))
+(defgeneric rope-walk (rope fun)
+ (:documentation "Walk rope, calling fun for every node."))
(defmethod rope-walk ((rope rope-leaf) fun)
(funcall fun rope))
@@ -107,7 +109,8 @@
:depth (1+ (max (depth new-left)
(depth new-right)))))))))
-(defgeneric rope-concat (rope1 rope2))
+(defgeneric rope-concat (rope1 rope2)
+ (:documentation "Concatenate two ropes, rope with a string, or two strings. If one argument is nil, the other is simply returned."))
(defmethod rope-concat ((rope1 null) rope2)
@@ -153,14 +156,16 @@
:depth (1+ (max (depth rope1)
(depth rope2)))))))
-(defgeneric rope-to-string (rope))
+(defgeneric rope-to-string (rope)
+ (:documentation "Turn a rope intro string."))
(defmethod rope-to-string ((rope rope-node))
(with-output-to-string (str)
(rope-walk rope #'(lambda (x)
(princ (str x) str)))))
-(defgeneric rope-elt (rope i))
+(defgeneric rope-elt (rope i)
+ (:documentation "Return a character from rope."))
(defmethod rope-elt ((rope rope-leaf) i)
(char (str rope) i))
@@ -170,7 +175,8 @@
(rope-elt (left rope) i)
(rope-elt (right rope) (- i (node-len (left rope))))))
-(defgeneric make-rope-iterator (rope))
+(defgeneric make-rope-iterator (rope)
+ (:documentation "Create a function returning consecutive rope characters."))
(defmethod make-rope-iterator ((rope rope-leaf))
(let ((i -1))
@@ -195,13 +201,16 @@
(t (char (str (car stack)) (incf i)))))))
(defmacro do-rope ((var rope) &body body)
+ "Bind consecutive characters of rope to var and executes body."
(let ((rope-iterator (gensym)))
`(let ((,rope-iterator (make-rope-iterator ,rope)))
(iter (for ,var next (funcall ,rope-iterator))
(while ,var)
-(defgeneric rope-substring (rope &key start end))
+(defgeneric rope-substring (rope &key start end)
+ (:documentation "Return a subrope of rope limited by start and end. If not given they
+ are respectively beginning and end of rope."))
(defmethod rope-substring ((rope rope-leaf) &key (start 0) end)
(let ((start (max start 0))

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