How to report a bug

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You need to give us useful information or we can't help you. Minimum: crash ID (if known), debug logs, Rasplex/OpenPHT version, and Plex Media Server version with a full description of the alleged bug and steps for how to replicate it. Without this, your issue will probably be closed or ignored as it's just adding to the noise.

Submitting an issue is one of the best ways to get problems fixed. It's pretty cool if you think about it, that you can work directly with the developers to help make RasPlex and OpenPHT better! Submitting an issue will take some time, so please commit to owning the issue and pushing it forward. By submitting an issue, you are participating in development.

The more useful information you give us, the more likely we are to be able to solve the problem.

Report alleged bugs against the appropriate application - for Rasplex, for OpenPHT

Report problems with the GetRasplex installer against the installer directly.

Before you report a new issue

  1. Make sure the issue is consistent - it has happened more than once, or it is something constant under some circumstance.
  2. Check if it's a known issue with a workaround defined on the troubleshooting page. Go to the Rasplex forum or OpenPHT to establish whether this is a known issue reported by other users, and get some front line help. Most problems can be solved before an issue is ever generated.
  3. You must search for similar issues that have already been filed. If there is one, add more detail to it. If there isn't, then you can make a new one.

Details to include


  • Serial number of your Raspberry Pi, if the issue concerns Rasplex
  • Crash ID, if known - you can get this from the debug log if a crash was sent
  • Type of SD card (SDHC class 10?) if the issue concerns Rasplex
  • Internet connection type (Ethernet or Wifi)
  • Version of Rasplex/OpenPHT (if not the latest, please see if the problem exists on latest first)
  • Log files (ensure that you enable "debug logging in Preferences -> System -> advanced" and try to reproduce the issue)
  • How did you install this version
  • Best description you can give of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce (what were you doing when it happened? Can you make it happen again?)


  • Version of Plex Server
  • Type of plex server (NaS? Remote? Local?)
  • Power supply type and power rating ( amperage?) for Rasplex
  • Comment on system load, cpu usage, and free memory (ssh in and run 'top' and 'free -m')

Super awesome

  • A video (screen cap or just phone video) of the problem occurring (especially useful for weird bugs)

Log files

You need to copy either the:




If Rasplex/OpenPHT has restarted from crash or reboot then copy the "plexhometheater.old.log".

If Rasplex/OpenPHT is still running while you are debugging then copy "plexhometheater.log".

Put the contents in pastebin. To do this:


Copy the contents of the log file and paste into Give it a Paste Name / Title Click SUBMIT button. It will then sho wyou the resultinging paste bin page. Copy the URL (eg to include with your bug report.


Using a pastebin script or by copying the output of "cat" from the buffer.

A very useful way to trim down the logs is "grep -i error /(full path to logs)/plexhometheater.log" to submit only errors.

( NOTE: you can now just run the command "pastelog" and get a url to the pastebin, but this won't work with larger log files.

Put it in a pastebin, and include the URL here.

Packet Captures

Most weird or sporadic issues are network related, in which case we really need you to provide us with a packet capture (pcap) file. You can generate a pcap file by sshing in and running a command like one of the following:

tcpdump -i eth0 port not 22 -X -s 1000 -c 1000 -w packets.pcap # dumps 1000 packets that aren't SSH to a file
tcpdump -i eth0 port not 22  -w packets.pcap

Then use scp or a similar program like sftp to copy the packets.pcap file and post it to a service like dropbox or google drive, and provide us with the link.

Feature Requests

If you have a feature request, please use the 'enhancement' tag on the issue you've filed, and include:

  • The best possible description of the feature you can give (what it should do, in what situations)
  • Why this feature should be included
  • Any examples of where similar features have been implemented of reference (urls, other projects)

Sometimes, if a feature is beyond our capability to develop, we will let you know.

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